Frequently Asked Questions

Updated Sept 29, 2021

What is the refund policy for Home Bass Events?

All events are non-refundable at the point of purchase – below are the exceptions/details:

Cancellation: In the event that the event is 100% canceled and not postponed – the guests will get a 100% guaranteed full refund including service fees.

Postponement: If the event is postponed, all tickets will be honored for the new dates. In the event you are not able to make the new dates; there will be a refund request window opened up that will be directly sent to all guests via all valid emails at the point of purchase, each event is different and will have the window open during a certain time. At that time you may put in a refund request and get a 100% refund. After that, the non-refundable policy will be back in effect.

Will my tower upgrade be refunded?

All Avanti tower upgrades will automatically be transferred to a Wyndham Orlando room with a balcony. (If the guest still has a problem with this we can handle it on a case by case basis)

Will I still get the room that I paid for?

While the properties are different, we are handling the transfers by room type and will be transferring rooms to the most compatible option.

Are all of the rooms sold out?

Yes, all of our rooms on site are sold out but you can book a hotel at one of our partner hotels, Element by Westin and Fairfield by Marriott. Both hotels are near the Wyndham property which will allow you an easy commute over to Home Bass!

Book your room at Element by Westin

Book your room at Fairfield by Marriott

Why aren't you using the Avanti Palms anymore? 

Home Bass is more than just a room block at a hotel and takes a lot of work on all sides to successfully produce and due to some creative differences, due to unforeseen circumstances out of our control, we have moved our event over to the Wyndham Orlando Resort! Our mission has always been to provide and deliver the best experience possible to our community and our vision aligns with moving on and creating something bigger and better for you all. You can trust that we have been working around the clock to provide an exciting and great experience for everyone!

The double beds are smaller. How am I going to be compensated for that? 

We understand that the 6" of bed space is more important than it may seem and this is why we will be combining our production budgets and lineup to a single resort.

What if I purchased a pool view room upgrade at The Avanti? 

All guests who purchased pool view upgrades will be transferred to a room with an interior balcony facing the pool. The Wyndham Orlando is a very large and spread-out property, so you will be placed closest to the pool.

I don't want to stay at the Wyndham, can I get a refund?

Absolutely, we are sorry to hear that you won't be staying with us at this year's Home Bass Orlando. Home Bass has continued to grow over the years and for that, we owe our Home Bass friends and family. We are doing our best to make this transition as smooth as possible. To process your full refund you will need to purchase a $100 transfer fee for your ticket, please email Please understand that all refunds are final and your room will be instantly reassigned to a guest on our waiting list. 

Do Home Bass Resort Packages have a minimum age requirement?

Yes! The minimum age requirement for all events is 18+ and resort policy requires the primary guest on the room to be 21+ to check-in.

Do the Resort Packages come with access to the parties?

Yes, Resort Packages include tickets to onsite After Hours and Pool Party events for your chosen hotel.

Due to capacity, guests will be allowed access to the resort that is listed on their ticket. Tickets purchased for the Wyndham Orlando will have access to ONLY events at the Wyndham. You can purchase a VIP upgrade which will allow access to events at BOTH resorts. Tickets are non-refundable after purchasing so make sure you are buying the correct ticket.

Do the Weekend passes come with a room?

No, if you purchase a Wyndham Weekend and Shuttle pass that does not include a room. If you are looking for a room please visit our ticketing page and select the Wyndham 5 day/4 night stay or Wyndham 4 day/3 night stay.

I purchased my room before the second hotel was added. Can I switch my room to the other hotel?

No, rooms cannot be transferred to the opposite hotel. If you would like access to events on both resorts, VIP Upgrades can be added to your package.

I purchased a room from the hotels website or a 3rd party website, will I still be staying onsite during Home Bass?

If you purchased a room through the Wyndham Orlando website or a 3rd party website you will not be staying on site with us. Home Bass has a full resort buyout which means when you show up to check into your room you will be moved hotels. If you have already purchased a room not through our ticketing page please cancel that reservation and purchase a room through our ticketing page and purchase one of our remaining rooms to stay onsite.

What is the address to the Resort?

The address to the Wyndham Orlando Resort is 8001 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819

Where will I receive my tickets?

Home Bass representatives will be available at the Box Office located out front of your designated resort lobby to assist you. Here you can check-in and pick up your wristbands.

Box Office Hours of Operation:

Event Box Office hours are specific to each event and will be shared with guests leading up toward each event.

What do I need to bring in order to check-in at will call?

Everyone must bring a valid government-issued photo ID showing their full name and date of birth in order to attend Home Bass. Although your room is paid for in full, you will need a credit card for a one-time refundable deposit for any incidentals you may incur along with a non-refundable nightly resort fee.

What if the event is canceled or gets postponed?

While our policy does state that our events are non-refundable, in the case of a cancelation a refund would be processed. If the event is postponed within a 7 month period all packages and passes would be transferred to the later date.

I forgot to use my promo code. Can I get a refund and re-add it?

Unfortunately, promo codes must be used at the time of purchase and will not be added after the purchase has been made. All sales are final.

What times are check-in and check-out at each resort?

We abide by the resort's standard check-in and check-out times, which are the same for all resorts - unless otherwise noted.

Check-in begins at 4pm the first day of the event and all guests must be checked out at the end of their stay by 11am. If an early arrival ticket is purchased this would move check-in to 4pm the day before the event takes place which secures an easier and faster check-in process. It will also allow you to get familiar and adjusted to your new home for the weekend.

Is parking provided at the resort?

Parking will be available at all resorts - please check with the hotel's website on any parking fees. Parking varies depending on the resort you stay at.

How can I add the Early Arrival or Extended Stay option to my package? I know I can buy it at the time of purchase but can I add it after the fact?

You can add on the extra days or VIP admission at any time on our ticketing page under add ons! Please book your extra nights under the same name as your Room Package if you have additional questions reach out to

Can more than two people stay in a room?

Resort occupancy is based on the package that you purchase, for either two, three, or four guests.

My friend is arriving before me, will he/she have access to the room before I arrive?

You will need to add your friends' names to your room reservation in order for them to be able to check in to the room when they arrive at the resort. Leading up to each event we will email you a rooming list and request form. Make sure to fill this out before the provided due date. This will help you lock in the right room and make sure all your guests can check in with or without you present.

Can I pick up all of the wristbands for my group myself?

No. In order to pick up your guest's wristband, they must be present. Adding your information to your unique wristband is mandatory and adding this information ahead of time helps avoid any problems once onsite. Wristband registration protects you in the event that you lose or damage your wristband. This also allows our staff to quickly identify a wristband's owner in case of emergency.

Can our room be next to our friend's room? Can they be connected?

Connecting rooms are rare, but we will do our best to put you next, or as close as possible, to your friends. For a better chance at being next to a friend we suggest that you both show up to check in together and as early as possible. This is only applicable if you and your friend have purchased room packages at the same resort. Please have both your and your friend's order numbers handy when you submit your Rooming List & Request form.

Can I use my MFT package for a contest/giveaway or promote my website/product/event?

No. Home Bass & Music Festival Trips trademarks, intellectual property, tickets, and other offerings may NOT be used for advertising, promotions, auctions, contests, sweepstakes or any commercial purpose, without express written consent from MFT and its partners.

What if I change my mind and don't want my package or can no longer attend Home Bass?

All packages are non-refundable. Please refer to the Purchase Policy on TIXR for complete details. However, if you would like to transfer the package you can do so with a transfer fee as detailed below:

Room Package Transfers between:

  • 120 Days Out - $50
  • 90 Days Out - $75
  • 60 Days Out - $100

Ticket Transfers between:

  • 120 Days Out - $20
  • 90 Days Out - $25
  • 60 Days Out - $50

If you would like to make a ticket transfer, email us at stating that you are interested in transferring your pass or package. Include the confirmation number and who you would like to transfer the pass or package to. Make sure the purchaser is cc'd on the email and that you include the purchaser's phone number and age.

Once the fee has been paid and the email has been received, we can finalize the transfer into the new name.

What if I want to transfer my package but I have a payment plan?

Name. If the package you purchased was purchased on a payment plan and is not fully paid off we cannot transfer your package yet. You will need to fully pay off your package and then we can move forward with the transfer!

Why do I need to submit a rooming list?

The Rooming List is required by the resort for safety and liability reasons. The names on your Rooming List submission will be the names that we attach to the wristbands in your package.

How do I change the names on my wristbands?

The easiest way to handle this is to let us know at as soon as you find out which friends you're bringing so that we can have their information inputted before the event, which will make for a quick and easy check-in process once you arrive. There will be a surcharge per each wristband for any name changes or new assignments starting 24 hrs before each event.

How does the Share Room Program work? Is it a completely random assignment?

After purchasing the Shared Room Package, you will receive an email within 30 days of the event with the Roommate Preference Form which we will use to match you with people for your room based on similar interests. Alternatively, you can find other friends who have also purchased Share Room packages and email with their names and confirmation numbers and we'll be happy to put in your request.

What if I don't want to use all of the wristbands that come with my room package? (i.e. only 3 guests in a 4 person room, leaving 1 extra wristband)

If you don't have as many guests in your room as you do wristbands attached to the room, you can either sell and transfer the wristbands or just forfeit them. If you would like to sell them, email with the names, emails, phone numbers, and ages of the people you sell to, and we will transfer only the wristband (not room) to them.

You will handle the financial side as you have already paid Home Bass for the package. If you do not choose to bring your own guests or sell to someone, you will ultimately forfeit your remaining wristbands. There are no refunds for unused wristbands. If you find guests last minute and want to assign the wristbands to them onsite, a late fee will apply per wristband. That is, there will be a fee for wristband reassignment 24 hrs before (day of the event) each event.

If I don't know who will be the last guest in my room yet, will you fill that spot with a stranger?

The only time that we would assign the guests to a room is for those who've purchased a Shared Room Package. This means that they've only paid a fraction of the cost of a Room Package and have only purchased one wristband with the understanding that they will be roomed with strangers.

Where do I send my Rooming List?

Leading up to an event we will be emailing all guests a rooming request form. You will want to fill this out as soon as you can. Not only does this assign Guests to their wristbands but it also begins the rooming process in which we will begin to assign guests to their weekend homes. Rooms and room types are limited and cannot be moved once placed. So the sooner you can provide us with your requests the greater chance your requests can be fulfilled.

Are my friends able to visit the resort and hang out with me without purchasing a Weekend Party Pass?

No, all guests on the property must be wearing a Home Bass wristband at all times throughout the weekend. Only guests with Full Weekend Passes will have access to the resort grounds.

Is any food included when we purchase a room package?

No, food is not included for any Room Packages. All rooms will have refrigerators so you are welcome to bring snacks for your room.

However, we do provide an in-house brunch for all VIP guests.

I am a DJ / videographer / photographer and would love to cover Home Bass. Are you still staffing for this year?

Feel free to submit your resume, references, and/or EPK to for future consideration.

What is the Home Bass camera policy?

All cameras will be allowed on-site for use in rooms and common areas, however, only the Home Bass Media team will be able to use professional DSLR or detachable-lens cameras and equipment in the Pool Parties and After Hours Parties.

Can I send a package to the resort?

Yes! Packages may only arrive the week of. Additional fees can be applied if packages are received before the week of the event. Visit the hotel website for shipping information.

Am I going to have an amazing time?