Home Bass Door Wars 2023

How To Enter: Decorate your Home Bass 2023 door or balcony as funky or PLUR as you please for a chance to win a free Home Bass Room Package for 2024.

Judging Period: Home Bass media will take a round on Friday, November 10th & take clear photos of each decorated door & balcony. Reminder make sure to add Thursday Early arrival if you plan on decorating your room on Thursday. After the event, there will be a voting contest on social media platforms to choose the winner. For BONUS points: Have "HOME BASS" somewhere featured in your set up! Don't forget to #homebassorlando on Instagram.

Prize: Premium Double Room Package for Home Bass 2024 + 4 passes.

● Must be a Home Bass 2023 Room Package holder to enter.
● Everything must be removable without damage to the doors.
● No fire hazards.
● Door decorations cannot damage the door or surrounding wall:
- Use only clear tape or mounting putty to attach decorations to the door.
- Do not glue anything to the door.
- Do not use any material or product that will harm the door.
● No glitter.
● No permanent or temporary paint on the doors.
● Have fun and let's get creative.

Additional Info:
Door Dimensions - 31.5" x 79"
Handle - 3.5" x 17"

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(And yes, every event sells out)